We Don’t Have to Decide Right Away

The round of daily events — at home and elsewhere — often includes the need to make decisions, or to give permission for our child to do something. There’s an urgency to it, as others await our verdict. But haste doesn’t always lead to a comfortable or best conclusion.

Patience before making a decision is sometimes wise. It’s okay, in fact good, to pause before you make a decision, whether responding to someone at work, in your personal life or to your child. People who feel aware and have healthy self-respect and self-confidence tend to become more patient in making decisions. Rather than feeling pressured, they may say to someone, “I’ll think about that, and get back to you.” Or they may say to their child, “Let me think about that for a few minutes and I’ll let you know shortly.”

Taking time to reflect is likely to lead you away from making commitments you don’t really have time for or that you aren’t at ease with. It also role models thoughtful decision making for your child.

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