Choose a Grateful Awareness Prompt

We typically move through the day oblivious to the many things that are here for us, or give us happiness or contentment. A prompt is a tool that helps us remember to notice. It might be the sound of a train, a particular type of flower, rocks or boulders, a food, clouds …. Anything you are likely to encounter at random moments throughout the day.daisy blooming among grass

Set an intention to think of something you feel grateful for whenever you become aware of this prompt.  (You can read about how intentions work here.)

Of course, you won’t always become aware of the prompt. Sometimes you will, and sometimes you won’t. And that is fine.

robin in tree, it's beak open singing



I chose the sound of birds singing — not cawing or hooting; the pretty melodic sounds. Birds sing a lot, but I don’t often really notice. Since setting the intention, I find I notice a little more often, and when I do, I sometimes became truly aware and am reminded to pause for a moment and bring to mind something I feel grateful for.


These tiny pauses are a form of mindfulness. Taking in the grateful feeling brings a brief wash of peaceful happiness.

close-up photo of stones