Weekly MicroPractice February 27

What matters to you? To begin this personal practice, make a list of things that you feel are important for you to be doing at this time in your life. This might be doing particular things with your child, achieving certain goals at work, learning a new skill or taking a course that will help your career, spending time with friends, enjoying a sport, taking your children to visit family or an interesting place, volunteering, supporting a charity in some way, spending time with your partner.

Next, make a list of how you have actually spent your time, on average, each day over the past couple of weeks.

Finally, compare the two lists. How well do your daily activities and commitments match your goals? How much of your time are you spending doing things you don’t value very much? Drawing on what you have discovered through this exercise, think honestly about what you can give up and what you would like to enhance in order to bring the occupations of your daily life into alignment with what actually matters to you.

This MicroPractice encourages you to expand your awareness of how the way you are spending your days is how you are spending your life.

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