Weekly Micro Practice

MicroPractice For The Week Of April 23

Awareness of Nature. Inspired by Earth Day and spring bringing light and warmth, it’s a good time to draw attention to what nature is doing all around you. Each day this week make a point of being outside for a little while, explore your backyard or the neighborhood, walk, or go visit a nearby park. Above all, NOTICE. When you see something that draws your attention, look closely and carefully. It may be something big (like a mountain or tree) or tiny (like a bug or bud). Take in as much as you can. Notice texture, fragrance, shape, color, movement — really attend to it. Try to notice what emotions you feel as you take something in. Then take a photograph of what drew your attention. Take at least one photograph each day, for a week. Or as many more as you wish.

Put your photos into an album or a page on your computer or on paper. If you were especially moved, note the feelings you had. This practice is a wonderful one to share with children, asking each to find, observe and photograph things in nature that are right in front of their eyes.

This MicroPractice encourages you to get out into nature and experience the powerfully calming effect of being in nature.  (You may want to check out our current “instant insight” on the home page for more about how nature nourishes us.)  This MicroPractice is also a mindfulness exercise.

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