Weekly Micro Practice

MicroPractice For The Week Of August 14

Let your face light up when you see your child. What happens when your child walks into the room? Most of the time we click into responsibility mode or caregiving mode. We check to see if a toddler’s shoes are on the right feet, ask a preschooler what she’s doing, find out if they’re feeling hungry, ask if there’s a spelling test tomorrow, remind a teen about project that needs to be worked on, notice the time to see what we — or our child — should be doing next. These reactions come from our caring, wanting to support, wanting to make sure things are okay. It feels like responsible parenting.

How do our children feel when we do that? They see our concern, or our critical expression. They may have a sinking feeling that they have’t done something. They think, oh oh, what’s wrong now.

This week become aware of how you react when your child appears, and instead of commenting or jumping into responsibility mode let your face beam affection. Let your child feel that you’re glad to see him or her. Say “hi” if you like, or give a hug. But it’s really just as simple as letting your face light up when you see your child. When your child enters the room or bounds down the stairs in the morning, do you want your first message to be, “Your shirt’s dirty,” “Your hair needs combing,” “Have you finished your homework”??

This MicroPractice encourages you to shift your reaction pattern in a very simple but meaningful way, by signaling love and appreciation rather than concern or business. It will have a powerful affect on both your child and you.

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