Weekly Micro Practice

MicroPractice for the Week of February 19

Whisper. Need to get your child’s attention when she’s busy, or ignoring you, or lost in play with friends? Instead of raising your voice, try speaking very, very softly. You can even quietly turn off a light and whisper. Usually, children will pause and listen. They do this because they can’t hear you if they don’t become quiet and because they’re curious. Lower yourself to your child’s eye level if necessary, then warmly and quietly deliver your message.

Speaking softly also works well in defusing difficult interactions with adults and teens. By speaking gently, you disarm an angry person. You may also want to try acknowledging what the other person is saying by simply rephrasing what you heard. The other person will feel at least somewhat validated and will be better able to hear you.

Throughout the week, if you notice someone you’re interacting with becoming domineering or upset, try moving in the opposite direction. You needn’t necessarily concede your point, rather you are calming things down so that both people can listen better and feel less threatened. Experiment, and find out what works best. In talking with children, you are exchanging whispers for shouting or yelling.

This MicroPractice encourages you to explore ways calmness can be strength; the way to be heard may be to whisper.  

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