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Insights For Parents is a unique state-of-the-art website designed to help you build confidence and insight as a parent. It offers accurate current information from the developmental sciences to describe and explain important facts and processes of human development from birth through adulthood and combines these with strategies, guiding principles and practices for supporting development and for parenting with deep understanding. It also encourages you to nurture yourself and become ever more aware that development is a lifelong process.

You’ll be more confident as a parent when you understand how your child thinks, feels and acts as he or she grows.

  You’ll learn wonderful, effective ways to guide development and cultivate the loving connection between you and your child.

You’ll be a more thoughtful and skillful consumer of programs, advice and products for children and parents when you know about development and the range of individual variation.

You’ll also learn ways to support your own well being by tending to yourself as both a person and a parent.

Insights For Parents presents a union of contemporary science and a trove of wisdom from many traditions that together help you guide your child with knowledge and wisdom.

The banner image on this website is a prism revealing the colorful spectrum of light that we otherwise perceive as merely white light. Similarly, knowledge of human development reveals many complex processes and phases that we do not otherwise perceive.


book coverTwo great resources have been added to our recommended sites and businesses.

Discover a remarkable program to help you enhance positivity and wellbeing by Awakening Joy. James Baraz, one of the co-founders of Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Marin County California, created this very popular and effective program.  You’ll find links to his course as well as information about a book for adults and anther for children.



business image mother bird and babies in a nestExpecting a baby soon?  Or have a newborn?  Most parents make a birth plan, but few make a good plan for after a baby’s arrival.  Yet this is just when new mothers, even those with experience, truly need support, advice and education as they and their infant adapt together to a new way of life. You’ll find a link to Little Nest Postpartum Services, a private practice run by an exceptionally well qualified perinatal professional.



silhouette of mother scolding chld

What’s your basic parenting style: Authoritarian? Authoritative? Permissive? This long standing distinction in parenting styles dates back to 1971, but research from around the world continues to show how these three classic styles have very different effects on children. Find out how your style can influence your child’s competence from early years through teens.



black & white photo of father and newbornRequired Paternity leave?? One Nation thinks it might be a good idea!  Read our Blog about why paternity leave can have both economic and social benefits.





close up of glass jars with ribbon around necksMaking Jars of Joy is a wonderful practice, invented by a mother, that offers support to teens — or anyone — needing a little inspiration or direction.  Try it yourself as a personal practice or a parenting strategy.




word art centering on "happiness"


What words mean happiness to you?  New research reports an intriguing relationship between the words we think of when we think of happiness and our personal sense of well-being.  Find out what correlates most with happiness.  We also show you how these findings suggest some ways to guide your child toward greater happiness.



teen riding on hood of a car

Teens and young adults are famous for risky behaviors.  Yet some scientists think these may serve an adaptive function, helping teens to become independent. Learn more about this perspective and the changes in brain chemistry that are associated with it.






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Weekly Micro Practices.   Here you will find things you can do during the week to support or nurture your child or yourself. There is something new to try each week.  They invite you to explore and be curious. Some are activities to share with your child, some are activities just for you, some are strategies for guiding development, some are thoughts for tending to yourself.

Quotes for the Day are drawn from a huge range of resources and speak to us in some way as parents. They may be thought provoking, encouraging, inspiring or playful.