Insights For Parents is designed to provide information and support for you as a parent and as a person. The core idea is captured in our name: our goal is to inspire you to have many insights about yourself and your child. We do this by presenting a broad range of information about human development, together with ideas and strategies for encouraging growth of the whole person.

We deeply respect our readers as thoughtful, educated, caring and unique individuals who share a common value to nurture human development thoughtfully and skillfully. The material on the site is written to align with that view. You will find clear references and citations throughout the site, as well as a broad range of material that you can draw from in ways that are meaningful to you.

The site honors the needs of both parent and child.

Here is what you will find in each of the main sections of the website.

Human Development. This is not a pre-packaged encyclopedia, but an ever expanding, alive resource that responds to members’ interests. Every week new content is added to this section, rotating among the different age groups and different aspects of development. Information is always current, accurate and relevant in the real-world. In choosing what to add, we respond to your interests. We notice topics and areas that members explore and we take care to include more in those areas.

Guiding Principles. This presents seven broad ideas that can help you guide your child, support skillful responses to life events, and create a rich, respectful, loving relationship that will endure. The principles are based on the key insight, that despite differences in maturity, children and adults are actually very similar.

Meditations and Practices. This section presents a rich array of practices that enhance mental, emotional and physical well-being. Three key approaches are featured: meditation, gratefulness, and mindfulness. You will find guided meditations, ideas for practices, and suggestions for including practices in your personal and family life. New ideas are added regularly. You will also find a regularly updated section summarizing recent scientific studies about the effects and benefits of these practices.

Blog. Comments on various aspects of development and parenting, thoughts and opinions about relevant current events, and notices of findings from new research.  We welcome comments and thoughts from members in this section.

Resources. This section offers three kinds of information to members:  discussions of important new research in the developmental sciences and reviews of recently published books; an annotated list of suggested books; and links to websites and a variety of suggested resources you may wish to explore. This is updated regularly and kept current.

Forum. This section invites — truly requests — your interaction. It is designed for you to comment, reflect, inquire and share insights with an on-line community of parents.

The key insight and theme of Insights For Parents is captured in our first “Quote for the Day”

Child & parent at seshore

About Us

Anne Dunlea, Ph.D., Founder and Director of Insights For Parents

photograph of Anne DunleaI have been active in the developmental sciences for more than 35 years. My graduate work was completed at the University of London and the University of Southern California. My first academic appointment was as a scientific staff member at the Max-Plank-Institut fur Psycholinguistik in Nijmegen, Holland. When I returned to the United States, I spent 18 years on the faculty at the University of Southern California, with a triple appointment in psychology, linguistics and occupational science. Currently, I am in the department of Psychology at U C Davis. I am grateful to have had research support from a number of agencies, among them the National Science Foundation, the Spencer Foundation, and the Max-Plank Institutes. Today, I am happily devoting much of my time to this website.

I am forever intrigued by how we humans change and develop throughout life. I have always been passionately and deeply committed to making our continually expanding academic knowledge accessible and meaningful in the larger world. I have led workshops and courses in numerous hospitals in California, presenting seminars in preceptorship programs for family practice and pediatric physicians, as well as workshops on child development for parents. At USC, I was listed as an expert in children’s development and was often called on to provide television or radio on-air commentary on breaking issues related to families and children. This opened the door to my working as a consultant, advising both private video production firms and KCET/PBS on content for children’s programs. I have also maintained a small private practice advising parents.

While I am on the one hand a scientist and teacher, I am also a long time meditator. I began to meditate through yoga and transcendental meditation, then continued study and practice with Swami Satchidananda. I was introduced to Buddhism at the London Buddhist community in Knightsbridge and began to study the Dharma there. Over the years, I have drawn several paths and traditions together in ways that are personally meaningful and today I use those practices and teach meditation to others.

The new millennium has brought scientific inquiry to the broad new realm of positive psychology.  It brings neuroscientific and other research approaches to the behaviors and features that support happiness and human flourishing. Many studies explore emotions and point to the positive effects of meditation, mindfulness, and other contemplative practices. As a cognitive and developmental psychologist, I study and follow the newest research and teach this content in my university courses.

Above all, I am a mother. I have two daughters, one in High School and one at University, who have brought to me the immeasurable love of being a parent and the profound awe that comes from watching as they unfold to reveal themselves. To them, I owe the gratitude of my growing in wisdom, understanding and humility.

It is a pleasure and an honor to share the information and insights I have gained, and continue to gain, through my website, Insights For Parents.

Tiffany DeCourcey, Social Media Coordinator

Tiffany completed her BS degree in BioPsychology at U C Davis and has a background in social media and marketing. She also works for a software development company, where she is a member of the marketing and event coordination team. She is an event coordinator for A21 Campaign, which is a global leader dedicated to abolishing modern day slavery (human trafficking). Tiffany brings sensitivity, compassion, and artistry to all of her activities and you will see her beautiful work on the site and in our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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