Recommended Sites & Businesses

Recommended Sites & Businesses

Here you will find links to helpful websites and information about other resources you may find supportive or useful for you or your child.

SmartFeed: A Great Way To Find Quality Media For Your Kids

Looking for a way to sort through the zillions of digital offerings for kids and find ones that match your values and your children’s interests??  We’re very impressed by SmartFeed.

Here’s how it works:

♦  You create a profile for each child indicating their interests and the values and character traits you want to encourage. Plus, if you wish, any academic areas you’d like to strengthen.

♦  SmartFeed searches through movies, books, TV shows and apps, giving you personalized recommendations.

You can sort and share the recommendations and adjust the profile as your child . . .

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Awakening Joy: A book and a course

This is a superb and highly effective program for developing a positive attitude and learning concrete skills and practices that build resilience, compassion, openness and, well, happiness. It can be life changing. It draws on basic principles of Buddhism, modern neuroscience, mindfulness, gratefulness, and other traditions, expertly brought together by James Baraz. Baraz is a co-founder of the Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre (Marin County) California. A meditation teacher since 1978, he leads retreats, workshops and classes around the world. Awakening Joy was . . .

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Gratefulness: A Network For Grateful Living

This is truly an outstanding and rich resources you may wish to explore. Its beautifully designed and thoughtfully curated pages are inviting and engaging. You'll will find many, many simple inspiring ideas for practicing gratefulness and supporting your well-being. The Network is a global site that offers educational programs and practices, as well as a forum for an interactive on-line community from around the world who feel living gratefully is both personally meaningful and socially . . .

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Little Nest Postpartum Services

This is a small private postpartum doula practice that provides professional guidance and assistance during the first few days or weeks after a baby is born. Postpartum doulas help the “mother to mother,” as she transitions into a new role and the baby and family adjust to a new kind of daily life. Doulas provide expert advice and education to teach skills, tend to unique needs, and enhance confidence.

Emily Owen, PhD, BSN, CPdP is exceptionally qualified and offers a remarkable level of support and

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